Voice Solutions

When designing and implementing voice networks for life-safety companies, 100% uptime is paramount.  Our voice solutions deliver a zero-downtime experience, providing as many layers of carrier-diversity and network redudancy as possible, with automated rerouting of traffic in the event of a network issue.

Data Solutions

Creating a robust data network involves more than just providing bandwidth. Our broad relationships with major and regional data providers provide the necessary bandwidth, as well as the most diversity and redundancy available. In addition to this, we optimize your network and bandwidth using the latest in network technology like software-defined networking (SD-WAN).

Machine-Machine (M2M)

As a rapidly evolving service for security and life-safety devices, sourcing machine-to-machine communications services can be complex. Our solutions simplify this for our security and life safety customers and offers SIM card sourcing from any of the major cellular providers. We have also worked with our partners to create a pricing structure tailored specifically for PERS type communication.


Cyber Security

Nearly 50% of small and mid-sized organizations have reported suffering at least one cyber-attack in the last 12 months. Our Cyber Security solutions provide peace-of-mind from these attacks, by providing multiple layers of security and monitoring to your network, ensuring that you and your customers are protected.

Network Monitoring

Let us maximize your IT investment by providing network engineering and operational support that draw the full potential from your networks. With our solutions, we can help bridge the gap between a full time network engineer and nebulous managed network services.

Cloud Solutions

As part of the evolving trend toward services in the cloud, OneTel has partnered with other hardware, software, and technology providers in the security industry to provide a comprehensive cloud-monitoring solution for monitoring centers of all sizes.

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