Voice Solutions

When designing and implementing voice networks for life-safety companies, 100% uptime is paramount.  Our voice solutions deliver a zero-downtime experience, providing as many layers of carrier-diversity and network redundancy as possible, with automated rerouting of traffic in the event of a network issue. We specialize in SIP, TDM, and Hosted services to ensure your company can successfully complete all your voice solution needs.


Now you and your customers never need to feel overwhelmed regarding important information about projects or contracts again. OnePortal is the premier tool for telecommunication updates and information involving your account and those of your customers. OnePortal offers services like project tracking, inventory management, issue/ticket tracking, contracts/service details, number lists, invoices, and monthly service audits. Also available are the metrics and data offered from OneView. 


When employing alarm and security solutions, it is important to leave nothing to chance. Reliability and redundancy are paramount and so is reasonable pricing. That’s why our clients are so pleased with alarm solutions from OneTel. TDM, IP, SIP, and M2M. More information coming soon. 


OneView simplifies complex receiver log data so that you can focus on improving your business through understanding the metrics. Solutions offered include receiver log data analytics, worst offenders, signal success rate, real time reporting, geolocation, and original carrier trends. OneView is possible through our joint-venture with Databot. 

Data Solutions

Creating a robust data network involves more than just providing minimal bandwidth coverage. Our broad relationships with major and regional data providers provide the necessary bandwidth, as well as the most diversity and redundancy available. Additionally, we optimize your network using the latest in network technology like software-defined networking (SD-WAN). Other services include: DIA, broadband, LTE backup, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), and circuit monitoring.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

As the rapidly evolving services for security and life-safety devices continually develop, sourcing machine-to-machine communications services can be complex. Our solutions simplify this for our security and life safety customers and offers SIM card sourcing from any of the major cellular providers. We have also worked with our partners to create a pricing structure tailored specifically for PERS type communication, including the option of micro plans, ensuring a solution that is best for each client. To learn more about services we partner with, please visit to learn more about Kore telematics.


Nearly 50% of small and mid-sized organizations have reported suffering at least one cyber-attack in the last 12 months. Our CyberSecurity solutions provide peace of mind from attacks by implementing multiple layers of security and constant monitoring to your network. These measures ensure that your data, and that of your customers, is protected. Our CyberSecurity solutions are in partnership with Secuvant, who successfully protects dozens of orgazinations. To learn more,  visit

Cloud-Data Backup

To ensure optimal protection of information and reliable efficiency, we have partnered with Rubrik to provide solutions of storage redundancy on-site, off-site, and in the cloud. Learn more about our partnership with Rubrik at and through our links below. 


Disaster Recovery

Rubrik also offers efficient and fast disaster recovery solutions. With Rubrik, recovering from disasters and information failures is instant, with data being available instantaneously. This means your business can thrive, even in the wake of a disaster. Learn more about our partnership with Rubrik at

Cloud-Based Monitoring

As part of the evolving trend toward services in the cloud, OneTel has partnered with other hardware, software, and technology providers in the security industry to provide a comprehensive cloud-monitoring solution for monitoring centers of all sizes. We have partnered with Manitou Cloud Services from Bold Technologies and CSS to ensure your data is safe in the cloud.

Network Solutions

Network solutions provided by Rubrik, VX Suite, Netcuras, and TouchTone. More information coming soon. 

Managed Services

Due to our joint-venture with Fibernet, you can confidently trust your system wil be running efficiently, smoothly, and safely. More information coming soon. 

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